About Me

My name is Alisha Yolanda.

Like most people, when I started my first business, I would spend hours/days/months researching how to start a business.  What colors should I use, what name should I choose, how to market to get attention on social media, how to get people to buy, where can I find inventory without spending an arm and a leg, what apps should I use...and the questions went on and on.

I created Hustle + Motivate Box to give the tools to other individuals to start their business so they wouldn't have to go through all the research and time it took me to find out the information.

Basically, I created something I wish was around to help me the first time around.

SN: My first business was a bookkeeping firm for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I have my undergrad and grad degrees in Accounting so why not use them right?!  I had a couple of clients, but doing accounting for my business and was a full-time accountant, was not it.  I don't like accounting like that *shrugs* #SorryNotSorry.

I'm all about entrepreneurship and building wealth in our community, so why not kill two birds with one stone.  Besides including the tools to succeed as an entrepreneur, there will also be items for other Black-Owned businesses in the box. I want to bring awareness to all the small businesses so that they can change the narrative in their families and community.

The ultimate goal is that have everything in the box, including the box itself, created by a Black-Owned business.  If we don't support each other, then who will?

Check out this month's box to see how you can grow your business TODAY instead of later...You know the time that really never comes.

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