About the

Hustle + Motivate Box

How do you feel about receiving the knowledge and tools to help you in your journey of entrepreneurship while supporting

black-owned businesses?


Well, the Hustle + Motivate Box will allow you to do just that!


The Hustle + Motivate Box is a monthly subscription box with the sole purpose of giving entrepreneurs the tools to succeed.

You will receive books, planners, or inspirational items, office supplies, and two to three items from black-owned businesses right to your doorstep!




You missed to July box, but the you're just in time to get the August Box!

August's Theme

Financial Guidance

~March on Washington Edition~

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Customer Reviews

The box was great! I love the presentation and everything! A lot of great information as well

The June box was really helpful especially with procrastination. It allowed me to stay on track and just really get things to rolling. I was so into the workbook I wished there were more pages but that did get me excited for next month. The quotes and affirmations were great and I’d love to see more of that just because a lot of people don’t really get that encourage when starting a new venture. Initially out the box there was some glass but it wasn’t too bad one of glasses just broke I’m sure during shipping but that was my only half complaint. It’s a really good box, extremely helpful and the customer service has been excellent thus far I would certainly recommend subscribing because it seems like these boxes go pretty fast.

I received my box and was so excited! From the pen to the workbooks and everything in between it’s GREAT! I felt like here’s this pen....now get to work on those goals girl!! 💖💖 Thank you again for really caring about motivating people! And it’s nice to get GOOD MAIL!! 

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